1. Select the amount and the stablecoin you want to sell. Make sure that you are selecting the correct stablecoin and network.

Click Swap.

2. Paste in the your wallet address. This is the wallet address that the stablecoins will be coming from. If you are sending the stablecoins from a Centralized Exchange, you can use your Deposit wallet address as the sending address.

Click Submit.

3. Send the stablecoins from your wallet or exchange wallet to PayTrie's wallet address. The instructions will be provided on the confirmation page and will also be provided on an email sent from PayTrie. 

  • IMPORTANT: Please account for withdrawal fees associated with your Exchange or Network in order to avoid any delays. Make sure that the final amount received by PayTrie is the same as the amount that is booked.
    • For example, if you booked your transaction for 1000 USDC-ETH and the withdrawal fee is 0.80 USDC-ETH, you would need to withdraw 1000.80 USDC-ETH from your exchange. 

4. Sell orders will be processed within 24 hours (usually much quicker within a few hours). You will receive an eTransfer to your email address once the transaction has been processed.