Do not send funds from bank accounts that are not in the same name as the PayTrie account holder. This includes spouses, siblings, parents, friends, and corporate accounts. Funds received from accounts outside of the account holders names will he held and not processed. To retrieve the funds, please have the bank formally request the funds back.

Please make sure the exact amount is sent to PayTrie's wallet address as amounts that do not match with a PayTrie order will not be processed automatically and require manual intervention. If you have sent funds that do not match with a PayTrie order, please contact [email protected].

When signing up, please make sure you provide a supporting document within the last 3 months. Health cards are not a valid for of identification.

Each order has a 30 minute time window to fulfill the order. If the funds are not received within 30 minutes, your order will automatically expire. Funds received after the expiration time will require the user to email [email protected] to adjust the order to the current market rate.

If you have fulfilled your the Interac Request and have not received the funds within 60 minutes, there is a good chance your bank has put a block on the transaction. Please give your bank a call to release the funds then email [email protected] to adjust your order.